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Catherine Fountain

Department of Spanish and Portuguese
University of California, Los Angeles
5310 Rolfe Hall, Box 951532
Los Angeles, CA 90095-1532


University of California, Los Angeles.
Currently working towards Ph.D. in Hispanic Languages and Literatures; anticipated completion Spring 2006.
Advanced to Candidacy Spring 2003
M.A., Spanish, June 2000

Cornell University, Ithaca, NY.

B.A., Spanish and Linguistics, May 1997 

Fellowships and Awards
Dissertation Year Fellowship, 2005-2006
UCLA Distinguished Teaching Award, 2005
Rue and Ben Pine Travel Fellowship for research in Mexico, Summer 2002
Research Mentorship Fellowship, 2001-2002
FLAS Fellowship for Quechua language study, Summer 2000
Cota Robles Fellowship, 1998-1999
Phi Beta Kappa, Cornell University, 1997

Presentations and Publications

  • La metátesis en el español antiguo. Paper to be presented at ALFAL conference, Monterrey, Mexico, October 2005
  • Bartolomé de las Casas y los sistemas de pesca prehispánicos: un estudio de semántica cultural. Paper presented at the Primer Encuentro Internacional de Estudiosos de Cultura Colonial, Mexico City, September 2005
  • Worthy the Name of a Grammar: A comparison of verb morphology and conjugation in Carochi's Arte de la lengua mexicana and Eliot's The Indian Grammar Begun, paper presented at the Third International Conference on Missionary Linguistics, Hong Kong, March 2005. Submitted for publication in the conference proceedings.
  • Tradition and transition in Manuel Perez' Arte del idioma mexicano, paper presented at the Transformations: Re-imagining Identity conference, UCLA, April 2004
  • Las innovaciones de la gramática nahuatl de Manuel Pérez (1713), paper presented at the Encuentro UCLA-UNAM, Mexico City, September 2002
  • A Galician Cantiga, Don Fagundo's Cow.Cornell Working Papers in Linguistics, vol. 17, Fall 1999.
  • A Galician Will from the 13th Century. Cornell Working Papers in Linguistics , vol. 17, Fall 1999.
  • From a Catalan Bestiary, De la natura de la çerena.Cornell Working Papers in Linguistics, vol. 17, Fall 1999.
  • La mujer inmigrante en la literatura argentina. paper presented at SECOLAS conference, San José, Costa Rica, March 1997.

Teaching Experience

Department of Spanish and Portuguese, UCLA
  • Teaching Assistant Coordinator (TAC) for all Spanish and Portuguese Lower Division language classes. 2004-2005. 
    As TAC, I was responsible for coordinating and overseeing various aspects of the first and second year language program. My responsibilities included observation and evaluation of new TAs and advising for new and current TAs. I also worked closely with the department's Lower Division Coordinator, helping to revise and improve course syllabi and exams for Spanish 1-6 and acting as TA for Spanish 495, the department's course on teaching methodology. As a project of long-term imporvement for the language program. I revised and improved the online activities for all Spanish levels and created online resources for TAs.
  • Instructor for Spanish 490, Technology in the Foreign Language Classroom, Spring 2003
  • Teaching Assistant for Spanish/Portuguese M35, Introduction to the Nature of Language, Fall 2000
  • Spanish language Instructor. 1999-2004.  Courses taught: 
    • Spanish 1: Summer 2001, Fall 2003. Text used: Claro que sí
    • Spanish 2: Fall 1999, Winter 2000.  Text used: Claro que sí
    • Spanish 3: Spring 2000, Winter 2001.  Text used: Claro que sí
    • Spanish 4: Spring 2001, Fall 2002.  Text used: Pasajes.  
    • Spanish 5: Winter 2003. Text used: Pasajes. 
    • Spanish 6: Winter 2004, Spring 2004.  Text used: Pasajes.
    • Intensive Spanish, Summer 2004. Text used: Claro que sí
  • Other Administrative Responsibilities:
    • Level Coordinator, Spanish 6, Winter 2004
    • Level Coordinator, Spanish 1, Fall 2003
    • Model TA, Spanish 1, Fall 2003
    • Level Coordinator, Spanish 4, Fall 2002
    • Level Coordinator, Spanish 2, Winter 2000

Instituto Franklin de Idiomas, Buenos Aires, Argentina.
Taught EFL in both classroom and coroporate settings; taught Spanish to Chinese immigrants. 1997-1998.
Telemon Corporation, Raleigh, N.C.
Taught ESL to Spanish-speaking migrant workers. Summer 1996.

Further Professional Experience

Department of Spanish and Portuguese, UCLA.
    Leadership Positions
  • Member of the organizing committee for the 2nd Annual Spanish and Portuguese Graduate Student conference, Visions and Revisions, 2004-2005
  • President, Spanish and Portuguese Graduate Students Association, 2003-2004
  • Humanities Council Representative to University-wide Graduate Student Association (GSA) Forum, 2002-2003
  • Humanities Council Representative to GSA Appointments Board, 2002-2003
  • Departmental Representative to Humanties Council, UCLA Graduate Student Association, 2001-2003
  • T.A. Representative to the Spanish Lower Division Supervisory Council, 2000-2001

    Editorial and Design Experience
  • Editorial Assistant (Linguistics), Mester (graduate student journal) 2001-2004
  • Technology Advisor, UCLA Center for Studies of Colonial Iberoamerica, 2001-present
  • Web activities designer for Lower Division Portuguese Curriculum, Summer 2001

    Research Experience
  • Research Assisitant to Dr. Rafael Pérez-Torres, Summer 2003
  • Research Assisitant to Dr. Terry Au, Psychology Dept, Summer 2000
  • Research Assistant to Dr. Carlos Otero, Spanish and Portuguese Dept, Winter-Spring 1999
Olin Library, Cornell University.
Library Assistant. 1994-1997,
Finalist for the Fuerst Student Library Worker Award

Languages and Computer Skills

Fluency: English, Spanish 
Near-fluency: Portuguese 
Reading Knowledge: Latin, French, Classical Nahuatl, some German
Spoken Knowledge: Mandarin Chinese, Quechua, some Yucatecan Maya, some Hungarian
Computer Skills.
Programming languages: HTML 
Word processing: WordPerfect, Microsoft Word, Nota Bene
Web design: Front Page, Hot Potatoes, Fireworks, Dreamweaver
Other programs: Excel, WebCT, PowerPoint, Adobe Photoshop, ProCite, RealProducer