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Student Evaluations

I have organized these evaluations in reverse chronological order, and hope to include at least two or three specific comments from each quarter.  I have also included the overall instructor rating for each class except Spanish/Portuguese M35, for which I was not the instructor.  The comments are copied verbatim from the handwritten evaluations, except for the occasional spelling correction. 

Spanish 6, Spring 2004. Overall rating 8.6/9.0
  • Catherine was a great T.A. She always was concerned about student learning.
  • Catherine is an outstanding TA, and she teaches in an organized and thorough manner. I was very glad I took this course! Excellent!
  • Very clear speaking and communication skills. She also explained difficult lessons very well when people don't understand initially. Great T.A.!! She needs to become a professor because she keeps it interesting, which is important.
  • Catherine made this quarter fun & interesting. She's an educated, enthusiastic TA and speaks Spanish so well. I learned a lot. It's good to get so much speaking practice.

Spanish 6, Winter 2004. Overall rating 8.2/9.0

  • Catherine is very enthusiastic & always willing to help her students after class. She was a very good teacher.
  • Catherine (as a grad student) was the best Spanish teacher I've had. I really enjoyed this class and learned a lot. Thank you!
  • She had excellent communication skills, especially for a Spanish teacher. Her presentation of new subject material was interesting and helpful to our learning.
  • Catherine Fountain showed a tremendous interest in the class and in the understanding of students. Discussion of readings was very helpful, and presentation of grammar was also clear.

Spanish 1, Fall 2003.  Overall rating 8.5/9.0

  • First of all, Catherine was an excellent language instructor. Her classroom manner & her concerted effort not merely to speak Spanish throughout class but to describe her every action (and to constantly fill any silence in class with Spanish commentary) really helped my comprehension skills. Only complaint: too many exams, all of which took away from possible instruction time. Otherwise: excellent class!!
  • I really enjoyed the class. I took Spanish at another college but I could not understand the principles. I felt that I learned a significant amount of Spanish. My friend who is from Mexico told me that I'm finally starting to make sense when I speak Spanish.
  • Catherine is very kind and I always felt welcome to ask her questions and get help outside of class.The class was really helpful.
  • Catherine was really clear about everything and explained everything really well. Class activities were really good practice and the quizzes were really helpful too. Very friendly.
  • Excellent job! I really enjoyed this course. Teaching the class all in Spanish is a good way to go. Fountain taught the course at a perfect pace - not too fast, not too slow
  • I felt she did a wonderful job presenting the course material. She was also very personable and approachable. I recommend her to everyone

Spanish/Portuguese 490 (Technology in the Foreign Language Classroom), Spring 2003.  Overall rating 8.5/9.0

  • Catherine was so helpful in this course. She is friendly and approachable and always willing to meet with us or email us. She made this class fun.
  • Catherine did a very nice job of organizing ideas and presenting the class. Especially helpful: -the individual sessions with her. It would be great to have more of those, somehow.

Spanish 5, Winter 2003.  Overall rating 8.5/9.0
  • I have taken foreign language classes for 8 years and have never had a teacher so understanding and encouraging.  She will be sorely missed next quarter in Spanish 6 - Best TA I've ever had!
  • Very helpful after class & extremely understanding to the student's struggles w/ the material.
  • Catherine was always very cheery and pleasant to be around.  Her positive energy facilitated class discussion.  She knew the material well and was able to clearly explain it.  Thanks!
  • Señora Fountain was very helpful and explained very well.  She made sure everyone understood things and she welcomed people to approach her with questions.  She also spoke at the perfect pace which is something I have had difficulty with other Spanish teachers.
  • Ms. Fountain is an excellent Spanish teacher who is very clear in her lectures and cares about her students.  She is a quick grader and gives lots of comments.  The best Spanish teacher I've had at UCLA.
  • Catherine is the best! She made learning the language fun and interesting and easy.

Spanish 4, Fall 2002. Overall rating 8.4/9.0
  • Overall, I enjoyed this class and Catherine Fountain is an awesome instructor.  Each day she is full of positive energy and enthusiasm.  It shows she loves to teach.  I learned a lot and had fun!  I especially liked the in-class exercises, music, & videos.
  • Our TA explained material to us in a way that was clear and fun to learn.  And she made the material relevant to our lives as university students.  This was one of my favorite classes at UCLA.
  • Catherine is one of the best TAs I've ever had.  At first I was not sure about taking this class, since I haven't studied Spanish in 3 years.  Starting with Spanish 4 in a university setting was scary but she made it a wonderful experience.
  • Catherine was a great lecturer.  She was concerned about us and our grasp of the material.  Her enthusiasm for the course made it easier for me to approach her for help.
  • Catherine is a terrific instructor.  She always makes sure that we are keeping up with our coursework, and is easy to understand.
  • I enjoyed this class very much, Catherine made me actually want to volunteer in class.  I love the way she speaks, it's great for a beginning Spanish student.
  • Catherine was far and away the best TA I have ever had - her patience, compassion & understanding were commendable.

Spanish 3, Winter 2001. Overall rating: 8.8/9.0
  • Catherine is a great TA.  She makes learning the material easier.  Her explanations are clear and precise.  She was wonderful!
  • Catherine is a great instructor.  She took the time to thoroughly explain everything as well as making me feel welcome in seeking out outside help.
  • Catherine is muy awesome.  Great teaching!  You were real cool, funny , & nice, but you also taught very well.  I learned more in Spanish 3 than I did in Spanish 1 and 2.
  • I really enjoyed the lower division Spanish classes.  They are structured very well and facilitate student learning.  Catherine has been an awesome teacher because she really cares about the individual learning of each student.  She also understands where and when students have trouble understanding concepts.  She has inspired me to continue my studies of Spanish and to travel to a Spanish country.  She communicates very well.

Spanish/Portuguese M35, Fall 2000 

(responses to the question In what ways did the teaching assistant enhance your learning in this course?)

  • She held awesome review sessions.  She communicated with us through email well.  She tried to accomodate everyone.  She is very intelligent and communicates clearly.  She went out of her way to learn our names - impressive.  She smiled a lot which actually helps - believe it or not.  She was awesome.
  • Catherine was very helpful and very organized.  She always made useful comments on our homework and was always available to answer questions.  She provided a lot of supplementary material to help us with the class.
  • Catherine was readily available for meeting outside of class.  She sent out emails - really showing concern for her students.  I greatly appreciate how she knows everyone's names.  It's made me more excited for the class.  Her feedback on homeworks are really helpful, too.  She is very concerned.
  • She helped to lucidly explain topics that were unclear in class.  She had a very good understanding of the material.
  • The review sections helped tremendously - especially the last review before the final.  Her review sheets were very helpful.
  • I did not attend Catherine's review sessions because I didn't have any trouble with the course.  However, Catherine was clearly one of the best and most concerned "reader"-type T.A.s that I've ever seen.  She made it clear why she deducted points on graded assignments, wrote helpful comments, learned everybody's name, etc.
(responses to the question Do you think that this section/discussion/laboratory has developed your intellectual skills and interests?)
  • Yes, because this is the first linguistics course that I have taken, so everything was pretty new for me.  I'm thinking about taking additional linguistics courses.
  • Yes, she really clarified my knowledge of linguistics and encouraged me to study abroad as a Spanish linguistics major.
  • Yes, it has helped me understand phonology and subjects in class.
  • The review sessions were helpful in clarifying point during the lectures.  Clear explanations were given.
  • Yes - enhanced my view of how the material can be used
  • Very much so.  I now wish to continue with the study of linguistics.

Spanish 3, Spring 2000.  Overall rating: 8.7/9.0
  • Sra. Fountain was a very good TA.  She did an excellent job of speaking slowly so that we could understand her and of using other Spanish words to describe/define words we did not know.  Also important, she was never in bad mood, which made going to class enjoyable.
  • I learned a lot more than I bargained for.
  • Catherine takes time to explain and teaches material very well.  She makes things easy to understand.  Great class because of her!  I'm so glad I've had her twice for Spanish.  She is very concerned and interested in her students.  I learned a lot!  She's the best!

Spanish 2, Winter 2000.  Overall rating: 8.6/9.0
  • Prof. Fountain was a really great instructor and made the class a lot more fun than it normally would have been.  She helped me to want to learn.
  • I had a wonderful experience with Catherine as my instructor.  She is very patient with the students and explains the material very well.  Catherine is a great instructor.
  • She explained the topics very well, she communicated well with the class, she had a lot of positive energy, she made the class stress free and created a positive learning environment.
  • Catherine was a great professor.  She was effective at encouraging student participation and her enthusiasm created a positive and comfortable learning atmosphere.  A foreign language course can be intimidating because of the speaking requirement, but Catherine created a friendly and relaxed classroom environment.  She was also patient and easy to understand, both attributes of a great foreign language professor.

Spanish 2, Fall 1999.  Overall rating: 8.6/9.0
  • I have little background in Spanish and find the subject very difficult.  Catherine was an excellent TA, perhaps the best I have had in my four years at UCLA.  She showed a great interest in the learning process and maintained a high level of energy and positive mindset.  Muchas Gracias.
  • I felt the instructor displayed an incredible desire to teach and for the students to learn and enjoy the class.  She was always helpful and friendly to the class and always willing to give extra time for students.  She was well organized and her lessons were quite helpful.  In no doubt she is the best Spanish teacher I have had in some 6-7 different teachers I have had.  Being in class was a pleasure. 

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