The b-sides of my life

  Here are a few side projects and interests that I waste my free time on.  This page is mostly for me -I use it to save links without filling up my bookmarks file- but if you've stumbled across it, take a look around and feel free to email me with any comments

1. Immigration to and within Latin America, especially in Argentina.  In Buenos Aires I came into contact with the rather large Chinese and Korean communities, had the best bulgoki in the western hemisphere, and marveled at why these immigrant communities are virtually invisible to the standard U.S. view of Latin America.  I'm also interested in the African influence in Latin America, especially in those countries long considered to have little or no African influence (Argentina, again).  Here are a few links:

A church site about Latin Ameircan Koreans in the U.S.
A club/message board for Latin Koreans
An article to download (in MS Word) about Koreans in Argentina
Another article about the Korean Argentine community (did I mention these are mostly in Spanish?)
La colectividad coreana
Information from the Korean embassy
An article about the Korean neighborhood in BA

2.  I am fascinated by the strange music and movies, some purposefully experimental and others just odd, produced principally in the fifties and sixties.   A prime example is the movie Manos, The Hands of Fate,  immortalized by the now defunct MST3K, which has gained such a cult following that it is now available on DVD!

3.  While I was living in Argentina I had the opportunity to work for a month at Estancia Harberton in Tierra del Fuego, about 2 hours from the city of Ushuaia.  This experience got me interested in remote areas, like these remote islands.  This is probably related to my interest in ghost towns, and at some point I may decide to dedicate some more web space to these areas.

4.  I own a vintage Volvo (a 144 from 1974) and am something of a Volvo enthusiast - enough of one to join the Volvo Club of America, at least.  Here are links to other classic volvo sites:

The official Volvo "heritage" site
The Southern California chapter of the VCOA, a great site which had to battle Ford to keep its domain
Genuine Classic Parts, which sells, well, genuine classic Volvo parts
Another guy with a thing for forest-green 140s
Home of the 1.5 million mile Volvo
Christoph's Volvoseite (in German)
More people who love their 1974 volvos: a 145 in Indiana, a 164 being restored,
Knut's Volvo page
A Volvo history page
A site dedicated to the Volvo 240 Series (1974-1993)
Just because: the first Portuguese 164 fan site
Swedish Speed, in Perris, CA, specializes in vintage Volvo repair and restoration., a group celebrating the Volvo's boxy beauty., dedicated to Volvo restoration and featuring a 1984 240DL

5.  I really like plants - I even considered minoring in Botany as an undergrad.  Here are links to some of my favorite plants (mostly trees):

The tree from another planet, the Floss-Silk Tree (Chorisia speciosa)
The Gingko (Ginkgo biloba), 150 million years and counting
A great tree to climb, though you can't tell from these photos, is the Ombú (Phytolacca dioica L.)
One of the joys of living in L.A. is seeing the Jacarandas (Jacaranda mimosifolia) bloom in the Spring
Lycopods are cool, really!
The Jade Plant (Crassula ovata) is a nice, hardy houseplant.